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Covid-19: Companies must reinvent themselves

You will have to answer two questions in the coming weeks:  how can I limit the impact on my business if such a crisis were to return next year? What opportunities for renewal has this global crisis created?


“Every crisis is an opportunity to change things”

In a long interview with Le Poin magazinet, Bernard Charlès, the boss of Dassault Systèmes delivers his vision of the world post crise du Covid-19.

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Covid-19: Should we expect the economy to crash?

Several consulting firms  and analysis institutes have looked into the short, medium and long-term economic hypotheses. Sociacom takes stock.

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Telecommuting and confinement

With the Covid-19 pandemic and confinement, telework has gone from an option to an obligation... How to make remote work effective for teams and managers? Here are Sociacom's tips.

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Develop your empathy

Being “customer centric” is the stated ambition of many companies. However, this voluntarism is often slowed down by "company gravity". and effective towards customers.

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Reorganize through human connections

Friendship, long-standing attachment... The links between employees are one of the key elements in the success of the restructuring  of your company.

"No, I'm not walking"


How FCA finally chose PSA

After months of talks with Renault, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has finally decided to merge with PSA. Why this reversal? Sociacom decrypts the case. 

une Ifop study* conducted for Malakoff Médéric Humanis en 2019 questioned employees, employees and managers on absenteeism. The survey reveals that sick leave prescribed by doctors is less and less respected, especially among executives.


PLM is the new happiness

“I've been in so many scenarios where people are literally yelling at each other because nobody understands what's going on. Is it the fault of the employees? Absolutely not. As a business, we need to take responsibility for our employees who, in turn, will take care of the business if they feel supported and have the right tools to do the job.”


Is my n+1 necessarily a jerk?

It's not Sociacom that says it, it's Society. The front page of the fortnightly unveiled on October 2 shows a mug, the one that any open-space employee puts on his desk, with the inscription: "My n+1 is an idiot".


Case study: Canal+ and Netflix

Yesterday's enemies became allies by sealing a distribution partnership. Why this reversal on the part of the French encrypted channel? We tell you everything. 

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