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About Sociacom

Above all, Sociacom wants to be a human and pragmatic consulting firm.

Become your specialized partner for positive change.

We are committed to our employees in their professional careers and their social relations, but also to our customers.


CommittedThanks to our technical expertise, our strong interpersonal skills and our French savoir-vivre, the Sociacom team knows how to involve all the stakeholders in its clients' projects.

Innovative.  Always on the lookout for the latest innovations in terms of technologies and methods, our team will be able to offer its customers the solutions best suited to your business issues.


Open. The Sociacom team has no prejudices and knows how to get out of its comfort zone to achieve the best user and customer satisfaction.

Responsible. Involved in a complex ecosystem, Sociacom is committed to maintaining its exemplarity in an ever-changing environment.


Innovante. Toujours à la recherche des dernières nouveautés en termes de technologies et de méthodes, notre équipe saura proposer à ses clients, les solutions les plus adaptées à ses problématiques.


Ouverte. L’équipe Sociacom ne possède aucun préjugé et sait sortir de ses zones de confort pour atteindre la meilleure satisfaction des utilisateurs et de ses clients.


Responsable. Impliquée dans un écosystème complexe, Sociacom a à cœur de maintenir son exemplarité dans un environnement toujours en évolution.

A propos

Our story

Founded in 2014, Sociacom was created around a team of nine partners specialized in business strategy, digital transformation, management consulting and optimization of industrial processes/designs, but also in the implementation of innovative technologies (first of a kind).

Management team

BONNEAU Julien-_V5M0017-Modifier.jpg


General Director

MIGNON Fanny-_V5M0038-Modifier.jpg


Administrative and Human Resources DirectorDirectrice 

LAVARDE Charlotte-_V5M9883-Modifier.jpg

Charlotte L.

Change Management Stream Leader

Jonathan Brunschwig_edited.jpg

Jonathan B.

PLM Stream Leader

Our partners

BONNEAU Julien-_V5M0017-Modifier.jpg

Julian B.

HEC Executive Education


LAVARDE Charlotte-_V5M9883-Modifier.jpg

Charlotte L.


GOETZ Julien-_V5M0182-Modifier.jpg

Julian G.


MIGNON Fanny-_V5M0038-Modifier.jpg

Fanny M.


HAZEM Gilles-_V5M9938-Modifier.jpg

Gilles H.

Paris XVI University


Julian W.

London BS


BACOU Fabrice-_V5M0054-Modifier.jpg

Fabrice B.


GOUDEY Alain-_V5M9919-Modifier.jpg

Alain G.

Neoma BS 


AUBIN Jerome-_V5M9966-Modifier.jpg

Jerome A.


​Involved in a Happiness Performance approach both for the client and internally, Sociacom has obtained the certification Happy at Work 2022 for the second consecutive year.

Happiness Performance EN.jpg

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Discover our offers to support you in the success of your projects.

Business Process

Identifiez vos besoins et fonctionnements internes afin d’optimiser vos processus métier et améliorer votre performance.

project management

Promote the success of your project by respecting time, cost and quality constraints while meeting user expectations

Change Management

Facilitate the adoption of your strategic transformations through personalized support of your teams.

Our core business at the service of your issues

Product life cycle - PLM

PLM, or how to minimize the development time of your products.

Customer life cycle - CRM

CRM, or how to offer an optimized service to meet consumer requirements.

Need support?

Our teams support you in setting up your new project within your structure.


Sociacom is looking for new talents

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