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Happiness at work, a sustainable performance driver

At Sociacom we take care of our employees, and our customers! Let's work happy!

Our vision: growing the importance of people.

At Sociacom, we apply the principle of Happiness Performance in our teams, even before applying it to our customers.

Thanks to Happiness Performance Sociacom boosts the operational efficiency of your teams.



fewer illness


less absent

more loyal

more productive

more creative

* Harvard & MIT figures

Happiness performance

Happiness Performance at Sociacom


In the interest of continuous improvement in the well-being and fulfillment of our teams, each year we undergo an evaluation by the independent organization Choose My Company. We take actions so that our resources are committed to working in our firm. Results : 100%* of our team memebers like Sociacom's corporate culture. We are committed to the well-being combined with the performance of our employees and are constantly innovating to help them progress and to ensure that they enjoy their work. Kindness is part of our DNA. Transparency and exemplary management is key for our consultants to flourish in their careers. Unanimously*, all Sociacom consultants are proud to work in our company. *(Happy at Work survey, Choose My Company, 2021 & 2022)

Benevolence is also transmitted to our customers


All our consultants are taught about and aware of Happiness Performance. When we integrate into your teams, our objective is not only to fulfill our mission successfully but to bring a large dose of enthousiasm to work together and with pleasure.

Sometimes we even go so far as to support some of our clients in:

  • Giving meaning to everyone's work

  • Optimize governance processes

  • Improve their managerial methodologie

  • Create connections and positive feelings within teams


Boost your performance and meet your goals with Happiness Performance!

Discover our offers to support you in the success of your projects.

Business Process

Identifiez vos besoins et fonctionnements internes afin d’optimiser vos processus métier et améliorer votre performance.

project management

Promote the success of your project by respecting time, cost and quality constraints while meeting user expectations

Change Management

Facilitate the adoption of your strategic transformations through personalized support of your teams.

Our core business at the service of your issues

Product life cycle - PLM

PLM, or how to minimize the development time of your products.

Customer life cycle - CRM

CRM, or how to offer an optimized service to meet consumer requirements.

Need support?

We accompany you in setting up your new project within your structure.


Sociacom is looking for new talents

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