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Join our team

Do you have a team spirit, do you like to get involved and share? That's great, so de we!

Our saying: "A happy employee is a satisfied customer".

Convinced that we cannot leave out human factors when measuring our performance, we are committed to giving meaning to the work of each of our employees.

Benefits we offer you

We value the work of our teams: rewarding people who go beyond their prerogative is obvious for us.

We like to decompress and meet up during more informal moments, such as our teambuilding events, our company evenings and our afterworks.

We encourage our employees to grow and be actors in their personal and professional development with the implementation of training courses, coaching, and internal career development.

Social and HR benefits for the well-being of our employees: Holidays and other key moments throughout the year are marked by personalized attentions. We attach particular importance to giving you the opportunity to get involved in promoting CSR.

Nos avantages

Want to experience new adventures?

Sociacom is hiring, send us your CV without delay!

Why join us?

Joining Sociacom means having the opportunity to share and develop your skills, it means benefiting from autonomy as a player in a project, and it means committing to a dynamic and united team.

Our state of mind

When you arrive at Sociacom, you very quickly become part of the Socia Team! We share, we listen to each other, we help each other and we can suggest ideas to a management team that encourages us to be proactive!

​Innovation, collective reflection, respect, the well-being of employees, and transparency with management, are the basis of Sociacom's culture.

The consultants' word

ENIONA Frederic-_V5M9992-Modifier.jpg

​“As consultants, we are dispersed according to our activities, as in many other consulting firms.
But the feeling of belonging as well as the easy communication between each member of the team, always willing to listen, make the difference.
Sociacom is a human-sized company that addresses several relevant, innovative and topical areas, and encourages employees to grow with it.
Being able to share and acquire numerous skills in a caring, shared environment is of a priceless added value.”

Frederic PML Analyst

Sociacom is hiring, send us your CV!

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