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Is my n+1 necessarily a jerk?

It's not Sociacom that says it, it'sSociety.The front page of the fortnightly unveiled on October 2 shows a mug, the one that any open-space employee puts on his desk, with the inscription:“My n+1 is a jerk”


The magazine of social subjects tackles here a well-known problem: the relationship with its superiors.“Does France have a problem with management?»asks Society. Apparently yes. According to a survey by Yougov on behalf of the newspaper, in France, 46% of employees believe that their manager's main motivation is his personal interest. In Germany, they are only 39% and 35% in the United Kingdom.

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In September,Boston Consulting Groupbegan the beginning of an explanation for this malaise. The American firm assured that French managers are out of breath. Instudy conducted with IPSOS, we learn that this observation particularly affects the French.“85% of them find their job more complicated than before (vs. 81% for the Western average),explains BCG.They also feel more overwhelmed (78% vs. 71%), more stressed (74% vs. 69%) and more demotivated (59% vs. 52%). Finally, they are very pessimistic  about the future of their function: 38% think that it will have disappeared within 5 to 10 years. 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_


Tomorrow, all managers? Should we expect a distribution of responsibilities that is more horizontal than vertical? Does not taking into account the expectations of employees open up a new field of possibilities for productivity? 


At Sociacom, we believe that people should be at the center of decisions. By transforming managerial methods via theHappiness Performance, the company can be more efficient, more innovative and more competitive. 

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