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Telework ok, but during confinement it's more complicated!

With the Covid-19 pandemic and confinement, telework has gone from an option to an obligation... How to make remote work effective for teams and managers? Here are Sociacom's tips.

The Covid-19 and containment are disrupting the rhythm of the company. Since March 16,“teleworking is the imperative rule for all positions that allow it”,decided the government

But how do you manage your teams in these times of uncertainty? How to maintain everyone's motivation while taking into account the anxieties linked to the pandemic context? More than ever at Sociacom, we believe in Happiness Performance. We believe that benevolent management can reassure your teams and boost your profitability. Here are our tips for optimizing teleworking during confinement.

1 - The 6 precepts for successful teleworking

Telecommuting, most executives are familiar with. To work effectively outside the office, here are 6 general rules for organizing your day, do not do too much or too little and maintain connection and motivation:

  • Ensure that employees have thetechnologyand theinfrastructuresuitable for working

  • Set up aworkspaceand get dressed (and wash)

  • Set yourself uphours(and really stick to it)

  • Take realbreaks(hanging out laundry doesn't count)

  • Adapt your way ofto communicate(SMS, whatsapp, Zoom, HouseParty)

  • Be even more atlistenof its collaborators (distance requires adding a dose of empathy and monitoring the morale of each other)

2 - And in the context of the confinement linked to Covid-19, what more can we do?

Trust your employees! Managers, rest assured telework will not impact your productivity, on the contrary it may even improve it. The best way to know if you can trust an employee is to trust them. There is no reason to think that in this new configuration the employees will not do their job.

At Sociacom, we have developed a methodology forHappiness Performance. We believe in a benevolent management philosophy that boosts the company's performance by being more attentive to employees, but above all by giving meaning and a coherent organization to everyone's work._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_


In a period of health crisis, source of stress, here are some tips made in Happiness Performance to apply in your team:

  • Listen to your teams: do a skype with a round table where everyone shows their improvised office, ask for news on the health of employees and the organization within their homes, and therefore the times when they are not reachable. In short:  take the time to take stock of the personal situation of employees.

  • Dare to lose 10 minutes at the start of each meetingto allow your employees to talk about everything and nothing but to keep this social bond that this confinement will not have taken from them. 


  • Stay flexible and open: it's time to know how to adapt the schedules and share your problems without complex. We know, it's not always easy with children!


  • Organize a Virtual Coffee Break: a coffee break for 2, 6 or 10 like at the office to take a break and chat.

  • To share photosof your different teleworking situations. Rebuild link. There is no shortage of jokes that play down confinement on social networks, share them!

  • Spread advicefor example on the organization of online courses for children or interesting cultural activities.

  • Reassure employeeson the situation of the company (Will I keep my job? Where will the company be in a month? Should we be worried about the economic situation?)


Think collective action. Some of your employees will remain within your factories, others will be in activity partielle  and still others in telework. Your actions must be fair and consistent and above all, remember  to maintain dialogue between all employees.

3 - And after confinement?

This period of upheaval is conducive to boldness and experimentation:dare to dare!In fact, your working methods will change. Why not go further by truly innovating? 


It's time to belistening to everyone's suggestions, to demonstrate adaptability. New missions related to a future project can for example be invented for an employee who is less busy than the others. Training can be considered.Involve your employees in the future of the companyindirectly shows that you have visibility and that you are confident. 


By daring, you will be able to strengthen human ties, identify your flaws, assert yourself as a benevolent leader and really capitalize on what you have learned from teleworking in confinement.


Once the confinement is over, the return to normal (which will no longer really be the same) will perhaps deserve a moment offeedback. This will allow you to evolve and  to keep certain good practices adopted during this confinement.


Finally, it is in these moments that you considerably strengthen your mastery of themanagement of crisisand the resilience of your business.



Do you want to combine performance and benevolence of your teams as well as your company? Discover the Sociacom methodology ofHappiness Performanceand contact us for more information. 

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