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Remote Working : a measure that has become essential in your organization

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With confinements and preventive health measures, remote working has emerged as an alternative allowing for continuous activity with its advantages and disadvantages for the company as well as for the employees.

Unreliable equipment, adaptation to digital tools, work-life balance, maintaining team cohesion ... These are all issues that require change management, tools and methods to facilitate and sustain remote working. Employees remain motivated and the company performs well while maintaining contact within its teams.

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Remote Working and employee wellness in the service of company performance.

It is true that remote working appears attractive: reduction of commuting time, better work / personal life balance, peace and quiet. On the other hand, the doubts also seem justified: fear of losing human relationships, fear of isolation or of missing important information, and for managers: impacts on performance, adaptation of the corporate culture, evolution of managerial methods ...

80% of workers who experienced remote working during confinement would like to continue to carry out their work remotely, at least in part.

Diagnosis of change

  • Define the nature of the project (Culture, Organization, method, tools and infrastructure, process, etc.)

  • Map the perimeter and the transformation rate

  • Identify the populations affected by these changes

Support for change

  • Make the actors of change accountable

  • Communicate throughout the project

  • Set up a support unit and a process

  • Coach the various players and support them in transforming their teams.

Impact analysis and change strategy

  • Study the impact on organizations

  • Identify risk factors and resistance

  • Define the project and deployment schedule

  • Optimize governance processes

  • Improve managerial methodologies

Pilot and manage change

  • Adapt its methodology to multicultural teams

  • Establish governance

  • Evaluate user satisfaction

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